Innovation gets a lot of press in the service of new products, but it is also a critical means to improving customer experiences and customer profitability. Christine Mauro, Director of Innovation at Saleforce shares insight on how to innovate through simplification.


Christine Mauro

Christine Mauro

Christine Mauro is a customer experience strategist and designer who’s built her career solving complex business challenges for global companies. She works with clients to drive strategic solutions and deliver content through accessible, intuitive user experiences, and is especially skilled at integrating a human-centered focus into business practices and customer interactions.

She has experience working in a number of industries including healthcare, government and technology but have focused in Financial Services in recent years.

Christine was an early member of Siegel+Gale’s simplification practice, defining principles recognized today as a cornerstone of strategic communications and user experience.

She’s passionate about mentoring young women both professionally and through sports. As a huge sports fan, her loyalties lie with the local teams, but she follow all sports. An always enthusiastic participant in any athletic pick-up game, an ever-reliable 4th for 18 holes and will participate in local 5ks on the weekends. She reads a lot, has the NY Times Crossword app on her phone, and enjoys a challenging DIY project.


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